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Improve your communication campaigns with interactive content: videos, audio files, 3D animations, web links… Get creative and open the possibilities of your printed materials with AR content.
Custom [AR] Development

iNeedthat delivers [AR} apps overlaying users' environments with realistic 3D models and animation, ultra high definition video, and other custom-tailored data.

Mixed Reality Content

When physical and digital worlds collide to form something new, the results are revolutionary. iNeedThat proves it by developing cross-platform, contextually aware spatial experiences.

3D Rrendering Services

Render photorealistic, interactive 3D content such as 360° panoramas, animation, walkthroughs, etc., and stream it straight to your devices in real‑time.

[AR] Augmenté Studio

iNeedThat Augmented Reality (AR) gives you the ability to blend the digital world and the real world through your mobile device. The possibilities are endless! You can apply AR to anything from promoting your brand to an interactive tool for employees

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Boost Sales

By tapping the power of [AR], businesses can showcase and advertise their products & services in unique ways resulting in enhanced sales.


Connects With Customers

Augmented Reality helps to redefine customer satisfaction and helps companies to connect with their customers through innovative ways.


Increases Brand Recognition

Augmented Reality assists businesses to build some buzz and awareness around their brand and helps them to expand their brand’s reach.


Provides Versatility

With unmatched versatility, the advantages, augmented reality can offer in multiple sectors is limitless.

[AR] Without an APP...
The future of Augmented Reality

While a number of companies are investing in [AR] to reach their goals, many are also making a very simple mistake: they believe augmented reality requires its own dedicated app. Mobile apps provided a great launching pad for augmented reality, especially when the technology was extremely popular. Unfortunately, the heyday of apps is effectively over. If your company is considering developing an app to support your augmented reality strategy...let's talk, you have options!

Reimagine Your Customer Experience Through [AR]

We Make labels Come To Life

[AR] Interactive Labels

iNeedThat brings objects and environments to life. Connect all your print. Increase your conversions.

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3D Modeling

Discover A New World Of Rich, Photorealistic 3D Product Visualization.

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Marketing Strategy

Innovative [AR] advertising strategies for products and services with a verifiable ROI.

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[AR] is Streamlining Entire Industries.

Our clients demand the most powerful, professional Augmented Reality that exists. [AR] has been proven to increase engagement, boost safety, speed completion of tasks and greatly reduce errors. Our team helps you strategize the perfect approach, and guides your solution every step of the way.

Apply [AR] to Anything.

You can apply [AR] to anything from promoting your brand to an interactive tool for employees. Augmented Reality presents exciting opportunities for brands and businesses to showcase their products in a new innovative way. iNeedThat has the flexibility and capability to perform custom [AR] projects for our customers’ special needs. We can conceptualize, design and build your own [AR] application with features customized for your business or you can create your campaign without building an APP at all. Wondering how to stay ahead of the competition? Contact us today to start building your own customized AR projects of any difficulty.

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AR in the Pixel Camera
Create and play with the world around you through Playground, a creative mode in Pixel’s camera. Make your photos and videos pop with cameos from your favorite superheroes, stickers that animate around you, and fun captions that put words where the action is.
We create premium designs and technology...iNeedThat!


Augmented reality overlays digital content and information onto the physical world — as if they’re actually there with you, in your own space. [AR] opens up new ways for your devices to be helpful throughout your day by letting you experience digital content in the same way you experience the world. It lets you search things visually, simply by pointing your camera at them. It can put answers right where your questions are by overlaying visual, immersive content on top of your real world.

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[AR] Interactive Labels
Labels & Packaging
[AR] Print Media
Menus & Brochures
[AR] Real-Life
School & Work
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