iNeedThat offers end-to-end accelerator & incubation development customized to your strategic needs.

We design unique products for startups, companies, and everything in between.

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Brand Development

From designing a logo, to creating new brand identity, to rebranding and repositioning your company, we would love to help you bring your vision to life.


Product Development

Product development is a creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, from innovation, to development, to packaging, to actualization.


We Know Influencers

Branding is a much bigger conversation than designing a logo or building a website, so let's work together to make the customer's first impression an unforgettable experience.


[AR] & App Development

Interactive content is everywhere and it's real-time. You can now unlock all levels of creativity by creating unique and memorable immersive experiences with [AR].

We’re here to help

Branding is a much bigger conversation than designing a logo or how your website looks.

Branding is about reaching into the ‘soul of your business’. Covering almost every aspect you can imagine, from philosophy to products to planning – your brand alignment will guide you to move towards your vision of success.

Turn Customer Experience Into Your Biggest Competitive Advantage Through [AR]

We Make labels Come To Life

[AR] Interactive Labels

iNeedThat brings objects and environments to life. Connect all your print. Increase your conversions.

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3D Modeling

Discover A New World Of Rich, Photorealistic 3D Product Visualization.

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Marketing Strategy

Innovative [AR] advertising strategies for products and services with a verifiable ROI.

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Brand Partnerships

We understand that brands are sold through emotions, through stories. People need to feel they are buying more than just a physical product, something that evokes a strong emotional reaction. We are masters at creating stories behind brands. But these must be honest, transparent. So, getting to know you is critical to uncovering a story worth telling.

Celebrity Branding &
Influence Marketing

Work with only the best talent.

We know influencers

At iNeedThat, we know exactly how to find the right influencers to help you achieve your goals and objectives, and make the best brand match possible.

As a leading influencer agency, we are committed to forming the most effective relationships between influencers and brands. We know that there is a perfect influencer out there for every brand - sometimes you just need help with finding them.

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